Yes! Our Herbal Body Wraps Work Faster, Are Easier To Use, and Last Longer Than Traditional Spa Wraps—All For Less than $20 a Wrap!  

  • Longer lasting than traditional spa wraps!
  • “Soak Away” Toxins and Fat Deposits in the Comfort of Your Own Tub!
  • No Terry Cloth Strips Needed!
  • Shed Fat and Toxins For a Fraction of What You Would Pay at Most Spas!
  • Save Up to 25% By Taking Advantage of Our Special Holiday PricingApril 19th!

It's NOT Science Fiction or Marketing Magic:
It's the At-Home Herbal Body Wrap!


From: Stacy (Independent distributor)

So How is this Even Possible?

Body wraps work unlike any diet or exercise program because they help eliminate the accumulated toxins that have been trapped for years in the fat cells of our skin. UV rays, cleaning solutions, second-hand smoke, and virtually anything our skin comes into contact with is polluted to some extent—and this pollution becomes trapped in our fat cells.

These toxins make it harder for your body to use and eliminate its accumulated fat stores. So you can run as many miles as you like and starve yourself all you want—those toxins are blocking you from the body of your dreams!

Properly applied, a body wrap can and will tighten and tone your skin while eliminating toxins and fat deposits from your skin cell. Indeed, if you have the time, money, and patience for a spa body wrap, you can and will look like a trim and sexy spa diva.

But Who Exactly Can Afford The Time, Expense, Or Hassle of Trying To Be a Trim and Sexy ‘Spa Diva’—Especially These Days??

Let's face it: Times are tougher these days and you really need to make money go further so paying up to $150 for just one body wrap at a spa is just too much—way too much money! Seriously—even if you have the money for a body wrap down at the spa and positively knew it would immediately tighten and tone every square inch of your skin—who wants to be shelling out that kind of money for just one body wrap?!

With summer coming on and a long-overdue vacation along the beach planned, I was ready to admit defeat and shell out the $150 for a professional salon body wrap. I hopped online to find the phone number to the spa so I could make another appointment when II stumbled across an unbelievable find…

A True “Do-It-Yourself” Solution That Works As Good Or Better Than Those Expensive Spa Body Wraps For a Fraction of the Spa Diva Price—and NO Hassle!

Compared to Spa Wraps and Most At-Home Wraps, Herbal Body Wraps Are:

  • Easier and More Convenient: I didn’t need anyone to help me with the terry cloth strips like with most at-home Body Wraps or down at the spa—because I didn't need any! Herbal Body Wrap is specially formulated to work without a wrap—so all I needed to do was add Herbal Body Wrap to a tub filled with warm water and just "soak away" the toxins and fat deposits.
  • Fraction of the Cost: Herbal body wrap is less than ½ of most “at home” body wraps and you could literally buy several months’ worth for what you would pay for just one body wrap in the salon

  • Longer Results: Herbal Body Wrap has been specially formulated for toxin-removal which leads to the loss of toxins and fat deposits while tightening your skin in the process. The more toxins and fat deposits you remove, the longer the effects of the body wrap becomeup to a full 30 days per wrap!
  • Fast Acting: Once you add the Herbal Body Wrap solution to a tub filled with warm water, it only takes about an hour for the ingredients to be absorbed by your skin. These ingredients will then help your body purge toxins and fat deposits for the next 24-48 hours.

That's Right:  Herbal Body Wraps Are Faster, Last Longer, Cost Less and Are Easier to Use than Most At-Home Body Wraps—All from the Comfort of Your Own Home and Without Involving any Friends or “Spa Buddies”!

That's right: Our Herbal Body Wrap is designed to be performed by yourself... in the comfort of your own home. You don't need any special equipment.

In Fact, there are 3 methods you can use:

  1. Bath method - easiest and very relaxing
  2. Thermal Underwear method - no tub needed!
  3. Wrap Terry Cloth Strips method - for localized toxin and fat removal

With the older traditional body wraps... you'd have to take strips of terrycloth, dip them in a solution, and then apply them to your body. But this can be time consuming, hard to do and very uncomfortable.

A better method is to wear cotton thermal underwear which has been soaked in the solution. This is less time consuming and much easier to do on your own.

Of course you can use these methods to apply your Life Force Herbal Body Wrap
or choose...

The FASTEST and, EASIEST way to apply a body for maximum toxin and fat removal is by taking a bath in the solution. Thousands of satisfied customers testify to this fact... and when you take a relaxing soak in the body wrap solution more of the powerful herbs are absorbed into your skin. This leads to more detoxification of your fat cells and more fat removal.

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During our Holiday Pricing Sale 2013 and for the first time ever—we are offering our Herbal Body Wraps for the lowest prices of the year! That way, anyone looking to tone-up and shed toxins and fat deposits before heading back to school or simply wanting to look slimmer and sexier for an upcoming big event can buy our Herbal Body Wraps—for a fraction of what you would pay for just 1 “trim” at the beauty salon!

  • Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed and Backed by Our Money Back Guarantee!
  • Each Body Wrap Lasts for Up to 4 Weeks!
  • No Terry Cloth Strips Required—Simply “Soak Away” the Toxins and Fat Deposits!
  • No Additional Purchase Required

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  • Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed and Backed by Our Money Back Guarantee!
  • Each Body Wrap Lasts for Up to 4 Weeks!
  • Less Than $16 Per Wrap and No Terry Cloth Strips Needed!
  • No Additional Purchase Required
  • Includes Free Shipping During Limited Time Promotion


Every Purchase is Fully Backed By Our:
"Empty Bottle" Money Back Guarantee

Even though we just know you'll be very happy with what our body wraps will do for you, we still want to get rid of all worry for you and make this entire offer TOTALLY RISK FREE. There's absolutely NO RISK on your part with this 45-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you're not completely happy and blown away with what these body wraps have done for you... simply send the product back, even empty bottles, with your invoice and you'll be issued a prompt and courteous refund (less s/h). Quickly, easily, and with no questions asked.

But Don't Be Fooled: Not All Body Wraps Are Created Equal!!

I know this better than anyone—most “at home” body wraps are a complete waste of your time and money. Most don't even work and those that do are either so expensive or such a pain to use that you might as well go to the spa and spend the extra money!!

Life Force Herbal Body Wrap is truly the first and only “do-it-yourself” body wrap that can help you shed toxins and fat—even just soaking in the tub! The powerful, all-natural ingredients have been specially formulated to detoxify your skin and help eliminate fat cells so that they literally “soak away”and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Just Sit Back and Soak Away‘ The Toxins and Fat Deposits‘But Only If You Use Herbal Body Wrap From Life Force—Everything Else is a “Maybe” or a Flat-Out “No”!

  Life Force
Body Wrap
Body Wraps
Body Wraps
Body Wraps
100% Unconditional Money Guarantee Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe
100% Natural Herbal Ingredients Yes No Maybe No
Able To Be Done At Home-By Yourself! Yes No No No

Can Take A Bath Easily In Solution For MAXIMUM Inch Loss

Yes No No No
Manufacturer GMP Certified Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe
Manufacture Member Of Better Business Bureau Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe
Skin Able To Breath During Wrap Yes No No No
Reduce Appearance Of Cellulite & Blemishes Yes No Maybe No
Jump-start A Weight Loss Program For Faster Results Yes No No No
Rebates For Increased Purchases Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe
Referral Program Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe

$50 Or More For a "Maybe"?

Mineral and seaweed wraps do not even detoxify the skin so they can't help you shrink and eliminate fat cells where toxins are stored. Mud or clay body wraps use inorganic ingredients that the body cannot absorb-so they may feel great but that's where the benefits end.

Body wraps do indeed work but ONLY if they are made with the right ingredients! Body wraps made with inferior ingredients will only "pamper" your skin for a few hours but will NOT provide the long-lasting loss of inches or toxin removal like you'll find when using Herbal Body Wrap by Life Force!

Life Force Herbal Body Wrap is a 100% herbal product made from a potent combination of 23 herbs that have been thoroughly researched and shown to provide immediate and long-term results, such as:

  • Detoxify Your Skin and Body
  • Help Eliminate Fat Deposits
  • Reduce Swelling Caused by Injuries
  • Reduce or Alleviate Warts, Corns, and Cracked Skin
  • Increased Energy
  • Shrink Fat Cells and Eliminate Fat Deposits Just Soaking In Your Tub!

What Are You Waiting For—Try Just One Herbal Body Wrap
and See for Yourself!

Doing no more than soaking in a relaxing tub filled with warm water and our Herbal Body Wrap solution... you can have a body that makes you feel great and lifts your self-confidence to a level you never thought possible.

When you're happy and confident with yourself... you just feel a WHOLE lot better.

And you know something... you deserve this. It's important that YOU'RE happy!

So please, don't spend another minute feeling tired and embarrassed about your body. Take control and start looking and feeling better than you ever have before!

You'll see exciting changes and improvements in each area of your life... not just your body. You'll feel better than you ever have... your energy, focus, and confidence will skyrocket.

So don't delay. Go ahead and order now.

Order 4 Body Wraps for Just $69.95—A Savings of More Than 15% And Less Than $18 Per Wrap!

Or Save Even More Money and
Order 10 Herbal Body Wraps for Just $159.99!

Here's To Looking Slimmer and Sexier,

P.S.  Don't delay and risk missing out on your chance to get your hands on our Herbal Body Wraps for the lowest prices ever offered—so be sure to place your order before June 17, 2018 because prices are guaranteed to go up and stay that way for the rest of the year….so Order Now!


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